Essence of the Culture and Language in Japan


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The Everlasting Essence of the Culture and Language in Japan

The Everlasting Essence of the Culture and Language in Japan

Japan is rightfully known for its beautiful cherry blossom season, superfast bullet trains, extremely friendly citizens, sushi, sashimi manga, and obviously, manners!

The Japanese language is among the oldest in existence. And it is gaining popularity in the world today, with an increasing number of people learning Japanese as a second and famous foreign language.

Both, Japanese language and its culture have made their way to millions of hearts with their charm. After decades of isolation, Japan opened its ports to the Western world more than 150 years ago, but some aspects of the country continue to mystify us.

The following article here helps unveil those amazing facts. So, without waiting any further, let's get going.

About The Japanese Culture

Japan’s Routine Morning Exercise

The importance of health in Japanese culture is reflected in the country's morning exercise ritual. Emperor Hirohito launched Rajio Taiso, a daily radio fitness program that's running since 1928. It runs for ten minutes every morning and is largely heard by schoolchildren and the elderly.

Bowing In Japanese Culture

In Japan, bowing (also known as ojigi) is the customary salutation. Japanese people bow to express appreciation, praises, or an apology. A bow is frequently only a modest nod of the head in everyday settings. Whereas, a longer and deeper bow is politer and might indicate a formal apology or heartfelt gratitude.

The Use Of Chopsticks

In Japanese culture, proper table manners hold a lot of value, and using chopsticks properly is an essential aspect of eating etiquette. Don't stab or cut your meal with chopsticks. Instead, you should lift the meal to your lips as it is.

You shouldn't use your chopsticks to gesture at something, which is considered impolite in Japanese culture. Also, never stick your chopsticks straight in a bowl of rice, as it connects with their funeral traditions. Instead, lay your chopsticks on the chopstick rest in between bites.

The Act Of Slurping

In Japan, slurping noodles is known as a polite gesture since it shows appreciation for the cuisine. So slurp and savor your ramen to the utmost the next time you visit a Japanese cafe.

About The Japanese Language

World’s Fastest Spoken Languages

According to a study carried by the University of Lyon, with an average pace of 7.84 syllables per second, Japanese is the fastest spoken language globally. On the other hand, English is spoken at a rate of 6.19 syllables per second.

Loaned Words From Other Languages

Japan's culture and language attract the curiosity of countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Some Japanese terms are easily recognizable in English. Karaoke, tofu, anime, origami, and more terms fall within this category. 

You'll find that specific terms seem familiar when studying Japanese. This is because the Japanese adopted words from other languages such as Portuguese, English, and German.

Actual Meaning Behind The Name

The term "Japan" is western; Japanese people refer to their homeland as (Nihon) or (Nippon), which basically translates to "Land of the Rising Sun."

Ninth Most Spoken Language

Almost 125 million people speak Japanese, most of them live in Japan, and nearly 4 million people study online Japanese language courses as their second language.

Mysterious Origins 

Old Japanese is the earliest known form of Japanese, dating back to when Chinese script was first given to Japan. Until the 1200s, the Chinese had a significant effect on Japanese culture. Later, European merchants and explorers added European terms into Japanese, which became part of the language.

Without any doubt, the Japanese language and its culture are extremely fascinating and enchanting. Japan's heritage is an intriguing mix of old and contemporary. The country and its language are fiercely traditional and ultramodern, with deeply embedded rituals and a constantly developing lifestyle.

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The fascinating facts about Japan mentioned above are only a glimpse of what the country's culture holds. It's only in Japanese culture that you'll find cutting-edge trends peacefully coexisting with old customs. This is what makes Japanese such a fascinating culture and language to experience.

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