Private Lessons

$ 45

50 Minutes

Culture & History

The Japanese Culture/History course focuses more on the cultural and historical side of Japan as opposed to the language. From my life experience, I believe that you cannot separate Culture, History, or Language from one another. These three things are the pillars of each and every country, and learning about all three takes you closer to understanding the essence of that place. For those students who want to widen the breadth of their Japanese learning or get to know Japan on a deeper level, this course is perfect for you. However, this course is also excellent for those who have less interest in the Linguistic side of things, and simply want to broaden their minds by learning about the history and culture of a different world. This course can operate in a variety of ways, either teaching general Japanese History from start to finish, teaching about cultural differences and how to apply your knowledge of them in the real world, or tailored intensive historical period explanations for those students with a particular request. Overall, the goal is to give you a more well-rounded understanding of what makes Japan the country it is, and how it came to be.