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About Oku Sensei’s Japanese

We offer University-level Japanese language education

Oku Sensei’s Japanese is an online Language Academy that offers University-level Japanese language education to a wide range of people across the world at a cost that they can afford. Being built on the fundamental belief that everybody deserves an affordable, high quality education, Oku Sensei’s Japanese is on the forefront of creating new and innovative ways to bring high-level and high-quality language education to a wider audience, and expand the study of language learning throughout the world.

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Highest Quality

With the highest level University language education, Oku Sensei’s Japanese will have you reading, writing, and speaking Japanese within weeks. Having a Ph.D in linguistics with over 20 years of teaching experience at seven different Universities and Colleges across the United States, Oku Sensei’s Japanese is able to give you the highest quality Japanese language education for the fastest results.


Top Level Support

At Oku Sensei’s Japanese, we believe that teaching is not simply knowing the material you teach, but knowing the person in front of you. Starting with a 30-minute free consultation, we spend the time to get to know your unique goals and learning style, designing a tailored course plan that fits your needs. Oku Sensei’s Japanese also offers course support from 10:00am to 8:00pm USA Eastern Time Weekdays and Sundays, along with professional consultation sessions.


Save Money

In every respect, Oku Sensei’s Japanese puts the student first. Without sacrificing quality in education, Oku Sensei’s Japanese presents extremely affordable prices, opening up higher education to more people. Choose from our diverse offering of University-level semester courses or tailored private lessons, all at only a fraction of Standard College Tuition costs. Only with Oku Sensei’s Japanese, you can get the quality of a tailored university-level education, for the price you deserve.


Fully Customizable Courses

Oku Sensei’s Japanese offers a variety of different courses that are fully customizable, giving you the option to choose your schedule, course intensity, speed, layout, and focus based on your needs and goals. Choose the time that works best for you with Oku Sensei's Japanese flexible course hours.