Below are the Student Evaluations from various Colleges and Universities where Oku Sensei has taught Japanese for the past 20 years. The name "Hoye sensei" that students refer to is "Oku sensei". The name "Oku" is Oku Sensei's Japanese family name.

This class has literally changed my life. I dont know where I would be without Hoye sensei... She has a beautiful soul and incredible mind and I know for a fact that my life is better for having known her”

Student evaluations, Spring 2018 University of Rhode Island, RI

Somehow, she is able to keep students relaxed and highly motivated all at once. You cant really say no to her. "So, who is shooting for an 100?" She would ask sweetly, and most of the class would raise their hands. And most of the class would actually get our 100. I love her, and Ill dearly miss her.””

Student evaluations, Spring 2009 Bucknell University

I believe this is the most inspiring individual and most well-organized and talented professor I have ever had the chance to interact with... She does not just teach the language but tries her best to connect it with its cultural constructs and idiosyncrasies. Best class ever."

Student evaluations, January Intensive Course, January 2012 Colby College, ME

The best professor I've ever had, she is always pushing students to do their best and earn the highest grade they can achieve. She is one of the nicest and most kind professors I've ever met. The course is structured fantastically and does a great job of teaching you the next level of Japanese!.

Student evaluations for the 1st year Japanese, Spring 2018 University of Rhode Island, RI

Hoye sensei is an amazing professor. She made learning Japanese less painful than it had been in previous years and I think I learned a great deal from her, more than any other Japanese professor. We always felt comfortable in her class and thus all participated much more...Hoye sensei is wonderful.

Student evaluations for the 3rd year Japanese, Spring 2013 Middlebury College

ありがとう (thank you) from the bottom of my heart. ありがとう for being one of the kindest and most caring teachers I have ever been blessed to be taught by. You always went out of your way to check on your students and you genuinely cared about our success. Love like that is very hard to come by and you are a shining example of what a great teacher should be. I will forever cherish my classes with you and your smiling face...You not only taught us Japanese, but also compassion and respect which you taught through your own actions. I hope all your dreams come true and that the rest of your life is filled with love and happiness because you deserve it.

Student at the University of Rhode Island by email, August 10th, 2019

Hoye-sensei is the best teacher I've ever had. She really works with you and really cares about your well-being, as well as your grade and GPA...I learned more in this class than I learned in all 4 years of Spanish. I'd definitely take it again!

Dec 22nd, 2017 Student comment from RateMyProfessor

Hoye Sensei is an extraordinary teacher. She goes out of her way to make sure you are understanding the content. She always uses real life examples. She is very interactive with the class which makes for an exciting class to always look forward to. I have become very interested in Japanese culture and I thank Hoye Sensei for teaching me all about it!

Student evaluations for JPN 310 "Japanese Language and Culture" Spring 2018 University of Rhode Island

Hoye sensei was extremely effective in explaining new concepts. When new Kanji was introduced, Hoye sensei would explain what radicals the characters were comprised of and often would provide an amusing way to read the characters. Understanding the origin of a Kanji character was not only fascinating, but it was also immensely valuable to learning and remembering them. Hoye sensei's knowledge of linguistics was similarly incredibly helpful in understanding grammar. Her enthusiasm every day made Japanese class a joy to attend.

Student evaluations for JAPN 102 (January intensive course), January 2013 Middlebury College

My standards for teaching are usually really high after having attended one of the best-acclaimed language programs in China and Middlebury Chinese Summer School, I still think she is the best language professor I have ever had.

Student evaluations for January Intensive Course, January 2012 Colby College

Professor Hoye is an amazing instructor whose genuine love for her students knows no bounds. Her passion for teaching is a once in a lifetime experience, and her genuine care for each individual's understanding of Japanese is enough in and of itself to make someone want to take her course.

Student evaluations, Spring 2018 University of Rhode Island, RI

Hoye Sensei is the best teacher who really cares about her students. Her sincerity is heartfelt and genuine. 10 out of 10 would recommend this course and Hoye Sensei as a teacher.

Student evaluations for JPN 310 "Japanese Language and Culture" Spring 2018 University of Rhode Island

I am going to miss Hoye Sensei. She is a one-in-a-million professor. She cares about her students and wants us to succeed by really understanding the material she gives us. She is constantly going out of her way to help each of us.

Student evaluations for 2nd-year Japanese course, Spring 2012 Colby College, ME

ホーイ先生(Hoye sensei) is the best teacher I've had in my entire life. She never fails to encourage me to work my hardest and be the best person I can be.

Student evaluations, Spring 20018 University of Rhode Island, RI

When it comes to linguistics, you couldn't ask for a more dedicated or inspiring teacher than Hoye sensei. I really have no constructive criticism it seems that she has already thoroughly worked out a flawless system for her teaching methods. Just so whoever reads this understands, my high scores are very sincere. She is a fantastic teacher who deserves to be graded as such.

Student evaluations for LING 4100 "Japanese Structure" Fall 2007 University of Colorado, Boulder

Hoye Sensei was absolutely the best Japanese teacher I've had in my life. Her energy, knowledge of all facets of Japanese language and culture, and teaching style all contributed to making my last year of Colby Japanese my best year of Japanese ever. It'ds a shame Hoye Sensei won't be able to enlighten future Colby students, but I'm sure wherever she goes she will change the way students learn Japanese.

Student evaluations for 3rd-year Japanese course, Spring 2012 Colby College

Although it was a short time together that we shared, I am so utterly and inconceivably happy that you were my first Professor of Japanese. You could not have made me for an easier transition from small lessons on duolingo to full on college lecturers. Truly it was the care that you showed for each of your students that made it such an enjoyable as well as an educational first semester for me, and I can only assume that the rest of your students. You were so passionate towards us that it really drove me, a usually lazy guy when it comes to schoolwork, to really put my nose to the grindstone and start studying, So, basically, I want you to know how much I appreciate your influence on me for being the first class I ever had in college and being my favorite teacher yet. さようなら, (goodbye) but much more important that I say, 本当にありがとうございます (Thank you very much).

Student at the University of Rhode Island by email, August 12th, 2019

This class was probably the best class I have ever taken at Middlebury. Professor Hoye truly devoted herself to us in this class and made every single session an experience to remember. Looking back, I am amazed at how much I've learned in just one short semester. I am sad it has to come to an end.

Student evaluations for JAPN 0210A: Intro Japanese Linguistics, Fall 2013, Middlebury College

Hoye sensei is an amazing teacher that should be considered for tenure. She has an uncanny ability to facilitate understanding of comlex linguistic concepts to people who might not have experience in the field. Her research is thorough and at the forefront of her field.

Student evaluations for JAPN 0210A: Intro Japanese Linguistics, Fall 2013, Middlebury College

Hoye Sensei was by far the best Japanese teacher I have ever had. She is very understanding and caring for her students. I am really sad that she is moving to another college and I am really jealous of the Middlebury students. I am very thankful for how much my Japanese has improved over this year.

Student evaluations for 3rd-year Japanese course, Spring 2012 Colby College

Hoye Sensei is one of the best language professors I have ever had. The teaching was very effective - probably the best language class I have every taken. To learn a semesters worth of Japanese in a month, all while keeping the workload fair and your students happy is no easy task but Hoye Sensei pulled it off. It also helps that Hoye Sensei is very supportive of all her students. Overall, the class was a very positive experience. The class atmostphere and dynamic was one of the most functional that I have been a part of. This class, in the words of Hoye Sensei, was "subarashii"!!!

Student evaluations for January Intensive Course, January 2012 Colby College