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Perks Of Learning Japanese Language

Perks Of Learning Japanese Language

The advantages of learning Japanese extend well beyond the ability to communicate in the language.

Japan has one of the most intriguing civilizations and histories globally, and studying the language offers a doorway into it. With more than 128 million people speaking Japanese, learning the language can open you up to a wide new world, and a whole new way of thinking. 

The Japanese have popularized everything from karaoke to sushi, as well as the entertainment we like, such as anime, manga, and the fantastic notions that leave us questioning our brains, such as hello kitty vending machines! 

Fun Fact: Learning a second language may improve your intelligence. According to a joint study conducted by the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital at McGill University and Oxford University on language learning, acquiring a new language induces brain development

Perks Of Learning Japanese 

Among the many foreign languages available, learning Japanese provides several advantages to individuals. The following article highlights the top perks that will motivate you to learn the Japanese language

In-Depth Understanding Of Japanese Culture 

The Japanese culture is one of a kind. It's a hybrid of traditional and contemporary methods. In most cases, the social behaviors are not comparable to those seen in the West. These traits are visible in how they write, read, listen, and speak. Younger generations may adopt more contemporary habits and speak and dress differently, but they always adhere to their elders' traditions as well. Mastering the language will allow you to understand Japanese society, history, martial arts, culture, and design. It will further give you an in-depth look at the world's popular Japanese culture.

Career Prospects 

Whether you work in tech or in the culinary business, simply understanding the basics opens doors to far better and higher-paying job options not only in Japan but all around the world. Career opportunities are typically among the top reasons to learn Japanese because you may work in everything from IT to government organizations. If you work for a multinational corporation, mastering a foreign language such as Japanese will expand your career options and allow you to go to a foreign subsidiary.

You Learn To Value Your Culture And Language 

Because it enhances your communication and cognitive abilities, learning Japanese will help you appreciate your own culture as well as your language. Experiencing a nation quite different from your own will increase your awareness of the differences between cultures and languages. 

Provides Various Academic Opportunities 

Learning Japanese as a student provides you with new views, better-thinking abilities, and learning methodologies that you may use in your other academic disciplines. 

Entering Into Japanese Financial Markets 

Working with global financial markets and trading systems is another motivation to learn Japanese. There's a reason why the Yen currency appears in financial rankings. Knowing the language will enable you to speak with local experts and ask them questions about topics exclusive to a nation or certain company practices. 

Tip: Before contacting somebody, keep cultural issues in mind and learn about respect and suitable social position. 

Teaching In Japan 

You can apply for English-teaching jobs or anything else that involves tutoring as an English native speaker. Japanese education is one of the greatest in the world, and it is also a field in which you will always find respect and care. Teaching is equivalent to being an elder in the country, which means you would get instant respect, and have a unique standing that allows you to learn about all of the country's benefits and uncommon cultural qualities. 

How Can Learning Japanese Language Set You Apart? 

Most people, when deciding to go for a foreign language, choose European language such as German, French, Spanish, or Italian since it is familiar. Learning a language like Japanese demonstrates that you have greater intelligence, determination, what it takes to succeed in life. You are tenacious, patient, and fearless when it comes to taking on new challenges. You may demonstrate that you have a multicultural outlook that extends beyond the ordinary. It will prove that you are capable of completing any assignment set before you. 

Are You Ready To Begin? 

If these perks mentioned above have influenced you to learn Japanese, Oku Sensei’s Japanese can help you move further. We provide a variety of Japanese writing, history, and culture courses for different levels. We can also organize private language lessons or group sessions for individuals interested in Japanese classes. Our sessions integrate world-renowned and advanced techniques assisted by local Japanese language tutors who are qualified and experienced in University-level teaching for language acquisition. 


As you've seen, there are a variety of perks in studying and learning Japanese. It would be a gratifying experience that helps you learn more about the world around you.

Are you excited about the journey? So are we. Oku Sensei’s Japanese offers beginner and advanced level Japanese language classes, where you can choose from a list of handpicked courses to help you speak Japanese confidently.