Private Lessons

$ 68

50 Minutes

Standard Course (referral)

This is the most basic and versatile private lesson at Oku Sensei’s Japanese limited to only referrals. The standard course is essentially a tailored language class that will be completely designed around your learning style and learning needs. This course welcomes all levels and all ages from any background, and is an extremely fun and effective way to provide you a solid foundation to your Japanese language education. Do you want to start learning Japanese from scratch? Or, do you already know some Japanese but want to push your Japanese language skills to a higher level? Are you a parent who is doing homeschooling and wants your 12-year old daughter to learn Japanese? Or, are you a university student who is currently taking Japanese but is struggling and needs serious help to pass the course? Are you a business person who needs to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1? Or, are you a senior citizen who wants to learn Japanese just for fun? This class is perfect for anyone with any goal in learning Japanese. Talk directly with Oku Sensei during a free 30-minute consultation and get a study plan tailored specially to your own personal needs and purposes!