Career Prospects In the Japanese Language


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Career Prospects In the Japanese Language

Career Prospects In the Japanese Language

Times are changing. With rapid globalization, working with international markets is gaining attention and leading to newer opportunities. The more you know about the country you have economic ties with, the better outcomes both sides will relish. Japan is the third-largest economy globally, and learning its language allows anyone to reap optimum strategic perks. The Japanese Language holds the ninth position as one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Roughly speaking, we can say that almost 128.3 million people speak it. With so much popularity, you may be wondering if there are any career benefits of this fantastic language. Interestingly, there are countless benefits, and today we are going to discuss some of them below: 

Career Possibilities In the Japanese Language

Jobs On The Other Side Of Town 

There are still more incredible opportunities for you waiting out there in the world. Some of us aspire to work in companies such as Toyota, Toshiba, or Nintendo. However, there could be a chance that you don’t reside near the headquarters of these organizations. Fortunately, they have numerous branches abroad where you can try your luck and give your skills a shot. You can know about all the latest information by visiting their website and checking out all of their newest job opportunities. However, not every company strictly looks out for only English/Japanese Bilingual employees. They also consider people who have learned some of the Language and are striving to utilize it in their career. Or, oftentimes Japanese companies will look for employees that don’t speak almost any Japanese, but know enough about the Japanese culture, traditions, and basic language to work well with Japanese people. Most times, it is this very factor that gives the extra little push to get you hired. If you live someplace other than Japan, it can help you stand out and become a valuable employee to a company. Even in American or European companies, the same rule applies; if you are interacting with Japanese customers or clients, Japanese language skills and cultural knowledge will be an enormous asset to success in your career, no matter where you live. Moreover, with high proficiency, since the number of people who know the Language will be few, you will have significantly greater chances of achieving a good job opportunity. 

Versatile English/Japanese Bilingual Employee

You are the one in-between. You are the one that understands both worlds. You are the Liaison and the one who wears many hats. As time goes on, Global Companies and governments have an ever-increasing need for multi-skilled and multi-talented employees in a world that continues to grow more wide and more complicated. By being a capable English/Japanese bilingual, you become one of the most flexible and valuable assets for international companies and organizations that are Japanese or deal with Japanese clients. You can read documentation in both languages. You can participate in both English and Japanese calls or meetings. You can translate. You can understand both western and eastern organizational structures and use that knowledge to facilitate global communication and throughput. You can go on a business trip to Japan or any other English-speaking country and be able to quickly and efficiently adapt and fulfil any task necessary.  Not only this, but if you combine your language skill with another skill set, you can become an irreplaceable asset to any company. Good at typing? Become an English/Japanese Bilingual Administrative Assistant. Good at talking with people? Become an English/Japanese Bilingual sales representative. Good at math? Become an English/Japanese Bilingual Engineer. Account manager, localization expert, Diplomat, Field service technician, Business Developer, I.T specialist; your imagination is the limit. By becoming a capable English/Japanese Bilingual, you arm yourself with an extremely precious and powerful skill set to compete in the global market and workforce, no matter where you are from or where you live.

Top-level Translator

 As a person who knows the Japanese Language, there are a vast number of career opportunities to work as a translator or as an interpreter. As a translator, you would be translating written Japanese into English, or the other way around. This can be written material of any kind, with some of the most common topics being literary, technical, software, commercial, legal, administrative, medical, multimedia, historical, or financial. On the other hand, as an interpreter, you would be acting as a mediator between two people speaking different languages. There are plenty of job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. However, in some cases, you may be working as both. In addition, with foreign clients, you can help your company by acting as a bridge in creating efficient and effective communication between both parties. This will enable you to play a substantial role in conveying messages and sealing deals both ways. 

Awe-Inspiring English or Japanese Teacher

With the increase of globalization, Japan has developed an extreme need for English teachers or teachers that can teach in English for all educational levels.  The Japanese government, educational system, and various other organizations are currently putting an enormous amount of effort into trying to increase the number of English teachers in Japan. Whether it be an eikaiwa-kyoushitsu, elementary school, middle school, high school, University, or other educational institution, there are a wide variety of English teaching positions available and waiting for you to take provided that you have the qualifications. 

Interestingly, there is also a great demand for Japanese teachers in the education sector. Since a large number of people visit Japan yearly, many others are also on the quest to learn the Language. Therefore, you can use your Japanese Language skills to help others discover the wonders of Japan and open up a new world for them too! Whether it be grade school, College, or Online, you too can open peoples mind’s, and teach them what you have learned during your own journey.

Fulfil your dream of living in Japan!

If you ask anyone who has been to Japan before, they will assuredly tell you that Japan is one of the most beautiful, safe, clean, and enjoyable countries to visit in the world. High-tech world-famous cities, deep & rich culture, and an endless sea of things to do, you will go through a truly fulfilling and absolutely life-changing experience by going to Japan. On top of all that, you happen to be born right at the perfect time; like many other first world countries, Japan is an ageing society, and as such is in great need of people to work and live there. By knowing Japanese fluently, you give yourself the gift of complete freedom and flexibility to live and work in Japan whatever way you want. Want to open up your own bar? Work at a local restaurant or shop? Work at a Japanese company in Japan? Work at foreign company in Japan? Become a teacher? Become an artist? Farmer? Nurse? Translator? Museum Curator? The sky is the limit. Knowing Japanese will allow you to do whatever you want to do and be whoever you want to be for your new life in Japan!


If you have decided to learn the fantastic Japanese Language, we are always eager to provide you with countless opportunities. At Oku Sensei’s Japanese, we make it our mission to teach you Japanese language and culture to the best of our ability, so that you can achieve your dreams.

The career and life opportunities in learning the Japanese Language are endless, opening up a whole new professional, private, and cultural world for you. With exemplary efforts, hard work, and the desire to learn, you can find the ideal job, place, and life for yourself through studying Japanese.